How to recognize and interpret the Shooting Star pattern?

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How to recognize and interpret the Shooting Star pattern?

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The Shooting Star pattern is a bearish reversal pattern found in technical analysis charts. It typically appears after an uptrend and is characterized by a small real body near the lower end of the trading range and a long upper shadow (wick) that is at least twice the length of the real body. Here's how you can recognize and interpret the Shooting Star pattern:

  1. Look for an uptrend: Shooting Star patterns typically occur after a price increase, indicating a possible trend reversal.
  2. Identify the candlestick: When you find a Shooting Star, it appears as a single candlestick on a chart. It consists of a small real body, usually red or black, and a long upper shadow that extends above the real body.
  3. Analyze the length of the upper shadow: The upper shadow, which represents the price high, should be at least twice the size of the real body. The longer the upper shadow, the stronger the signal.
  4. Notice the absence of a lower shadow: The Shooting Star pattern has little to no lower shadow, indicating that sellers dominated throughout the trading period.
  5. Pay attention to the location: Shooting Stars are usually located at significant resistance levels, indicating potential selling pressure.


  • The Shooting Star is a bearish signal: It suggests that the buyers initially pushed the price higher but eventually lost control, as seen by the long upper shadow.
  • It indicates a possible trend reversal: The Shooting Star signifies a shift from buying to selling pressure, suggesting a potential downtrend.

Confirmation is vital: It is recommended to confirm the Shooting Star pattern with additional signals or indicators. For example, you can look for volume spikes, trendline breaks, or bearish indicators (e.g., oscillators).

Using the Shooting Star pattern as a standalone signal is not always reliable. It is essential to consider it within the context of the overall market trend and combine it with other technical indicators to increase its effectiveness.