What are some javascript charting libraries that allow plotting stock prices?


by amparo , in category: Technical Analysis , 3 months ago

What are some javascript charting libraries that allow plotting stock prices?

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by bridgette , 3 months ago


Some popular JavaScript charting libraries that provide stock price plotting capabilities are:

  1. Highcharts: It is a widely-used charting library that offers a variety of chart types, including stock charts. Highcharts' stock chart module allows you to display, analyze, and compare stock prices and other financial data.
  2. D3.js: A powerful data visualization library, D3.js enables the creation of custom and interactive charts, including stock charts. It provides numerous tools for manipulating datasets and rendering visuals, making it highly customizable.
  3. Chart.js: Chart.js is a lightweight and easy-to-use library that supports line and area charts suitable for plotting stock prices. It focuses on simplicity and responsiveness, making it ideal for beginners.
  4. C3.js: Built on top of D3.js, C3.js simplifies the process of creating charts with a higher-level API. It includes various chart types, including stock charts, allowing you to visualize financial data effortlessly.
  5. CanvasJS: A fast and lightweight charting library, CanvasJS provides a stock chart feature along with multiple chart options. It claims to handle a significant number of data points efficiently and offers various customization options.

Remember, each library has its own features, strengths, and documentation, so it's essential to explore them to determine which one best suits your needs and skill level.